Vision 2025

vision2025“By 2025, KVK will apply its relentless drive to manufacture high-quality, affordable generics in every major dosage form,” states Anthony Tabasso, CEO and President of KVK Tech. “And, all of our products will be made in the USA, right here in Pennsylvania.”

KVK is committed to expansion through alliances across all phases of operations, which is evidenced by the current construction of a 250,000-square-foot sterile injectable plant in nearby Langhorne and the purchase of the 461,000-square-foot Lockheed-Martin complex in Newtown.

We continue to explore strategic opportunities to add to our expanding portfolio and are aggressively pursuing research and development prospects, including investment in new molecular entities.

And, we continue with developments in oral solids, such as extended or slow release tablets or capsules, all the while maintaining high manufacturing standards and exemplary customer service.